Search Inside the Music

September 7, 2009

Engaging visualizations and animations in SITM

Exploring the music space with SITM

Exploring the music space with SITM


The goal of the ‘Search Inside the Music’ project is to explore new methods of analyzing, categorizing, indexing and organizing large collections of music to allow us to build more effective tools to explore, discover and recommend music. This project extends music search to search ‘inside the music’, that is, to search not just titles, keywords and artists, but to search and recommend music by music content and context.

One goal of Search Inside the Music is to create new ways to help people explore and discover new music. In particular SITM is using interactive 3D visualizations of a music similarity space to allow a music listener to explore their music collection, to receive recommendations for new music, to generate interesting and coherent playlists and to interact with the album artwork of a music collection. The resulting user interface is arguably more engaging and enjoyable to use than currently available interfaces.


Sun Microsystems Research Lab including: Paul Lamere, Stephen Green, Jeff Alexander, Douglas Eck, Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Francois Maillet, Rebecca Fiebrink, Kris West

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