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Live Charting Lyrics with “Hey Jude”

December 6, 2010 gives a clever example of “live charting”: the process of diagramming a flow chart in time.   The given example diagrams the lyrics from “Hey Jude”.  It’s clearly a commercial, but it’s still a nice little demo.   It’s unclear if the author is the same person who did the original static diagram, I couldn’t find the original version online, only the linked page referencing it.  It’s interesting how the lyrics to certain pop songs can often be described so succinctly.




September 7, 2009


Nepusz Tamás has created some nifty and rather intriguing plots of the artist similarity space at his site: Reconstructing the structure of the world-wide music scene with This is a graph representation of the similarity relationships derived from the database of The circles (vertices) on the left hand side figure are bands, musicians, composers, whatever you will find in the Music section of the site. Lines (edges) connect similar artists.  Vertex sizes vary according to the popularity of the artists. I Vertex colors correspond to musical genres, identified by tags attached to the artists by the users of

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