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Live Charting Lyrics with “Hey Jude”

December 6, 2010 gives a clever example of “live charting”: the process of diagramming a flow chart in time.   The given example diagrams the lyrics from “Hey Jude”.  It’s clearly a commercial, but it’s still a nice little demo.   It’s unclear if the author is the same person who did the original static diagram, I couldn’t find the original version online, only the linked page referencing it.  It’s interesting how the lyrics to certain pop songs can often be described so succinctly.



Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

November 5, 2010

Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

Pop Chart Lab gives a great taxonomy of rap performer names [higher res version].  While honorific titles such as Lady Sovereign, or Sir Mix-a-lot are unsurprisingly common, it’s interesting to see such proliferation of gustatorial references, cartoon characters, and for lack of a better label “guys named Rob”.

If you’re looking for more like this, check out the taxonomy of heavy metal band names archived at Duke Listens!.



Using Visualizations for Music Discovery

October 22, 2009

Hot of the presses, here are the sides for the tutorial that Justin and Paul are presenting at ISMIR 2009 on October 26.

Note that the live presentation will include many demonstrations and videos of visualizations that just are not practical to include in a PDF.  If you have the chance, be sure to check out the tutorial at ISMIR in Kobe on the 26th.

h1 tube tags

October 20, 2009

mapPDF of the map has added a few visualizations to their VIP (subscribers only) section of their playground.  One visualization is called Tube Tags – it will represent your listening history in the style of the London Tube.  Each colored line represents a genre / social tag:

map (1 page)It’s an attractive visualization drawing on the design of the original tube map designer Harry Beck


Zune – MixView

September 10, 2009



Zune offers a rather rich music browsing experience on the web showing all sorts of artist info including songs, videos, bios, news, reviews and artist popularity data.  One rather nifty tool is their MixView.  When browsing an artist you can click on MixView to display a variety of information related to the seed artist in various-sized boxes.  Each box is clickable, which brings focus of the related item into view, and in turn, a new set of related boxes appear.  Additionally, each box has other actions such as “play” and “learn more” depending on the view that allows the user to jump to different places in the Zune Marketplace.   I like how MixView combines different types of information in one view.  In one view they show related artist, artist influences, artist albums, related albums and so on.  It is a well done browser – and one of the first that I’ve seen implemented in Silverlight.

This quick video shows off MixView.


  • The Microsoft Zune Team

Submitted by  Tom Butcher