Visualization for Analytical Music Discovery

October 15, 2009

The focus of our upcoming tutorial at ISMIR is on all the different ways that individuals have tried to represent music collections visually.  After a lengthy review of all the personal, popular, and academic music visualizations, we find the purpose of this process can range from artistic self expression to a more straight forward, utilitarian role.  One noticeably absent (or at least underrepresented) form of visualization is for analysis of music.  Rather than producing highly polished representations of music corpuses for public display, we want to talk about visualizations that can be used to help understand how computers are relating music relationships algorithmically, perhaps for the purposes of genre classification.  In general, we’re interested if we can better understand the behavior and performance of music information retrieval systems through visualization, enhancing the simple numeric measurements such as precision and recall.

Justin has produced a short video where he talks about a method for visualizing acoustic and tag based metadata using the open source statistical language R.

We are looking forward to Japan, and hope that you join us on the 26th!

Paul and Justin


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