FM4 Soundpark

September 8, 2009




The FM4 Soundpark is a web platform run by the Austrian public radio station FM4,  that visualizes an audio similarity music space.  Soundpark incorporates purely content-based rcommendations based upon a seed track and provides a 2D visualization based on audio similarity as well as an interactive 3D visualization based upon a combination of audio and metadata features.  Features of Soundpark:

  • Music Recommendation: The core of all applications is a content based music similarity function. The similarity is automatically computed and based on models of the songs’ audio content. Musical instruments and voices exhibit specific frequency patterns in the audio signal. These patterns are estimated with statistical models and used to compute the audio similarity.
  • Soundpark Player: Whenever a visitor of the Soundpark listens to a song, a recommendation of five or more similar songs is provided. These recommendations are visualized in a graph-based representation. Users can interactively explore the similarity space by clicking on songs in the recommendation graph.
  • Soundpark 3D: The entire database of songs in the Soundpark is visualized as an audio landscape of sea and islands. Songs from the same genre inhabit the same islands, within islands songs are grouped according to their audio similarity. Users can travel through the landscape and explore their own audio path through the data base.
  • Automatic generation of playlists: Visitors of the Soundpark can choose a start and an end song from the data base and a playlist of eight more songs “in-between” is automatically computed. The playlist is a smooth transition from the start to the end song. This functionality is not online any more.

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