RAMA – Relational Artist Maps

September 7, 2009



RAMA is a prototype web-based application for visualizing and interacting with networks of music artists. It uses data of roughly 200000 artists and 3 million tags, collected from Last.fm’s API. Data includes artists similarities, associated tags and popularity.
RAMA provides two simultaneous layers of information:

  1. a graph built from artist similarity data, modeled as a physical system representing nodes as negatively charged particles and edges as springs;
  2. overlaid labels containing user-defined tags.

A number of different features aim at providing enhanced browsing experiences to users: RAMA emphasizes commonalities as well as main differences between artists, users can interact with the graph in different ways (changing the graph’s initial ramification R, the depth D and how the ramification decays with depth, the population factor P), etc. Optionally, users can edit graphs manually, removing some artists and expanding artist’s neighbors.


  • Diogo Costa,Luis Sarmento, Fabien Gouyon


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  1. Other interesting last.fm based graphs showing artist relationships are Tanya Cashorali’s Music Roamer http://www.musicroamer.com/ and Anthony Liekens’s http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/map.php?

    • Thanks Laurent. I hadn’t seen the Music Roamer before.

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