September 7, 2009




nepTune is an innovative user interface to music repositories. Given an arbitrary collection of digital music files, nepTune creates a virtual landscape which allows the user to freely navigate in this collection. This is accomplished by automatically extracting features from the audio signal and clustering the music pieces. The clustering is used to generate a 3D island landscape in which the user can freely navigate and hear the closest sounds with respect to his/her current position via a surround sound system. Additionally, knowledge extracted automatically from the Web is incorporated to enrich the landscape with semantic information. More precisely, nepTune displays words that describe the heard music and related images on the landscape to support the exploration.

Developed in 2006, 2007 by:

Knees, P., Schedl, M., Pohle, T., and Widmer, G from the Department of Computational Perception

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

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